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AMP Testing with Automation - (A)ccelerate releases, (M)inimize costs, (P)roduce Better Quality

Our Test Automation Services Put Your Quality Assurance On the Competitive Edge2

We understand it’s important for you to deliver software at lightspeed, and test automation is the key. It enables quick feedback on development and substantial acceleration of the QA process but also reduces time to market and ensures superior software quality.2

Our services include the implementation of a wide set of testing and around-testing components: from planning and tool selection to the construction and maintenance of a test automation environment, implementation of automated test data preparation, design, and maintenance of all types of automated test scripts.

Qualysoft’s QA and Automation engineers master industry best practices and consider knowledge transfer to our customers as a key factor in their success. We ensure that the test automation in your company runs stably, efficiently, and with low maintenance. In the end, we deliver top bug-free software solutions.

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Benefits of Automated Testing

  • Speed-up testing for fast time-to-market  
  • Flexibility to scale as your testing needs grow  
  • Tests run on a 24×7 basis  
  • Multi-platform testing  
  • Elimination of human error  
  • Fewer flaws in production​​​

Test Automation Services

Test any application, web, mobile and API. From an enterprise layer to a user interface – Qualysoft is a 360 degree

automation testing partner that can help you deliver the perfect product.​​​​​​ We provide

automated software testing services under the following engagement models:

Our expertise

Automated Regression testing
Assessment and ROI Analysis
Framework design & implementation
Product-neutral advice and tool recommendation
Scriptless and script development, execution, and maintenance
Coaching and knowledge transfer

Use cases

Application automation services
API automation services
Web automation services
Mobile automation services

Industries we sustain

Banking & Finance

Test Automation Approach

Did you know that many test automation projects fail due to a lack of planning, strategy, expertise, or poor frameworks?

To be in those who succeed, Qualysoft follows a meticulously designed systematic approach based on our deep industry and technology understanding that aligns with the client’s business goals:

  • Ensure functional stability of the application
  • Identify scenarios for automation in coordination with the client
  • Begin project after scope finalization
  • Periodic demonstrations are given to the client during scripting
  • Handover to the client after all scope scenarios are automated successfully

Test Automation Process

With qualified testers, Qualysoft follows a solid approach and provides you with personalized test plans to assure that all requisites of the application are achieved as expected.


  • Enterprise or Application Assessment

We start by understanding your enterprise characteristics and application requirements. We move to the evaluation of the testing requirements and continue with the tool and technology selection.

  • Planning

We define the scope and resources, prepare the test cases, and install and configure the tools.

  • Automation & Optimization

We implement the framework, integrate the surrounding system, and implement the test case.

  • Execution

We capture the test case execution results and move to the review and analysis stage.

  • Reporting

We always create the right metrics for you to rely on.

Qualysoft Competitive Advantages

Qualysoft supports you in optimally designing your test automation. We follow a time-tested, standardized automation approach to help you speed up your testing processes. The presence of multiple environments, multiple user devices, and third-party integrations ensure better test coverage, high reusability, and cost savings on a long-term basis.

  • Certified Team of Engineers: All our IT professionals own a high level of competence and have, on average, 8+ years of experience. They have a profound knowledge of diverse programming languages (Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, C#, etc.)
  • Adaptable Test Automation Framework: Flexible & manageable framework supporting the implementation of CI server, test automation, & test management tools.
  • Test Automation Strategy Development: Creation of test automation roadmap covering test automation architecture, test maintenance & integration.
  • Multithreading: Scope of permitting multiple test executions within a single process to improve test automation speed.
  • Simultaneous Bug Detection: All automated tests are incorporated with bug-tracking systems and test case management systems for quality output.
  • Better Test Coverage: Automation testing enables more types of tests to be executed. Regression testing, GUI testing, API testing, and performance testing can be automated and executed within defined timeframes.

Tools We Use in Test Automation


Cooperation Models

Qualysoft provides automated software testing services

under the following engagement models:

QA Team Augmentation

Extend your team with Qualysoft top talents to complete time-sensitive technical projects. We provide QA services for short-term and long-term assistance, based on your project timeline.

Dedicated (Managed) QA services

Leverage dedicated teams of experienced QA engineers and consultants. They collaborate with your in-house team and help execute high-quality QA testing and ensure delivery of a bug-free and user-friendly product.

Full Test Automation Services

Rely on Qualysoft for end-to-end QA services. Focus on business strategy and growth, hassle-free, while we guarantee timely, bug-free, and high-quality project delivery.

Test Us in an Assessment Workshop

The starting point of a cooperation is usually a customer-specific assessment workshop, in which we analyze the status quo of an application or your IT landscape. You will receive a detailed plan from us for the further procedure, an estimate of the costs and the ROI you can expect.

  • Enterprise Assessment

Together we take a look at your IT landscape, your value streams and your tech stack. Based on the applications that offer the greatest added value and require an increase in quality or speed of change, a customized plan for the introduction or optimization of test automation is created.

  • Application Assessment

When introducing test automation for an application or a small number of applications, a detailed assessment of all required aspects of the application and its surrounding systems is made. For the assessment, we use our Maturity Matrix to define the maturity of the domain in different categories and create a risk matrix. Based on the evaluation, the test approach is defined and planned.


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