Discover How Qualysoft Achieved the Highest Level of Partnership With Tricentis

What Is a Tricentis Solution Partner?

A Tricentis Solution Partner is an IT services provider that has met specific requirements and demonstrated expertise in providing solutions based on Tricentis's technologies. To reach this stage Tricentis is evaluating the partner's performance and capabilities.

Implementation partners like Qualysoft enable organizations to enhance their testing capabilities in both test automation and test management. By leveraging top Tricentis tools, we can significantly improve your software quality and accelerate time-to-market.

Qualysoft: A Trusted Tricentis Solutions Partner in Test Automation and Test Management

Qualysoft, a leading IT service provider, has established itself as a reliable Tricentis solutions partner, specializing in test automation and test management. With a strong commitment to delivering top-notch services, Qualysoft helps businesses streamline their software testing processes and enhance product quality. In this article, we will delve into Qualysoft's role as a Tricentis partner in test automation and test management.

Qualysoft - Tricentis Solutions Partner for Test Automation

Qualysoft, as Tricentis solutions partner, has mastered the use of Tricentis Tosca, a powerful test automation tool designed to simplify and accelerate end-to-end testing. With its expertise in implementing Tricentis Tosca, Qualysoft enables clients to reduce testing time, minimize errors, and improve product quality.

Qualysoft's test automation services include:

  • Test case design and development
  • Test data management
  • Test execution and analysis
  • Continuous integration and deployment

By leveraging Tricentis Tosca's model-based test automation approach, Qualysoft helps organizations create easily maintainable and reusable test cases, allowing for a more efficient and scalable testing process.

Qualysoft - Tricentis Solutions Partner for Test Management

In addition to test automation, Qualysoft specializes in test management by utilizing Tricentis qTest, an advanced test management platform that streamlines testing efforts and provides real-time visibility into the testing process.

Qualysoft's test management services include:

With its deep understanding of Tricentis qTest, Qualysoft helps organizations optimize their testing process and achieve higher quality products by effectively managing test cases, test runs, defects, and requirements. Furthermore, the integration capabilities of Tricentis qTest allow for seamless collaboration between different teams and tools, ensuring a cohesive and efficient testing environment.

In summary, Qualysoft's partnership with Tricentis enables organizations to enhance their testing capabilities in both test automation and test management. By leveraging cutting-edge Tricentis tools and Qualysoft's expertise, businesses can significantly improve their software quality and accelerate time-to-market.

Certified Gold Tosca Implementation Partner

Since 2015, as a long-standing Tricentis Gold Partner in the field of test automation, our commitment and successful customer projects have once again been recognized. Qualysoft has been awarded the title of "Tosca Certified Implementation Partner" by Tricentis, at the highest level (TCIP Level 2). Our professionals successfully implement testing projects across Europe and the US and our clients include leading companies such as A1 Telekom Austria, Vienna Insurance Group, and Bank of America.

To achieve the Tosca Certified Implementation Partner certification, our team of specially trained testers was evaluated by Tricentis. This certification demonstrates our team's technical skills and expertise in integrating and connecting the extensive software landscape into our clients' systems.

Tosca is a powerful testing tool that supports a wide range of technologies, making cross-system and cross-technology automated tests possible, especially in the areas of SAP and Salesforce. It allows for the testing of a variety of applications, components, and custom applications, and offers solutions for determining end-to-end risk coverage and optimized prioritization of business-critical processes. By creating scriptless tests, both the maintenance effort and the costs of the test processes can be significantly reduced, by up to 90%.

Benefits of Collaborating With Qualysoft and Tricentis

With Qualysoft and Tricentis, you can overcome the challenges of complex software applications such as SAP or Salesforce, and the frequent release cycles that come with them. These release cycles often result in continuous changes to the system landscape, making it essential for companies to have transparency about the changes and their effects, and to ensure continuous reliability through accompanying tests. Projects, especially those related to SAP S/4HANA, present new challenges for companies. Additionally, it is important to relieve department employees from testing the new process steps.

Qualysoft and Tricentis offer solutions that can address these challenges, including performant test automation, faster test processes, and integrations with an automation rate of 90%.  This can save up to 70% of the costs through faster releases and more efficient test processes.

You can also reduce manual effort by up to 40% through the use of new technologies and processes, relieving departments from the burden of testing. Last but not least, you can also reduce maintenance effort by 75% through the more efficient use of software developers.