Energie Steiermark AG

Next-Gen Customer Relationship Management Solutions

How Qualysoft gave Energie Steiermark

the ability to improve day-to-day processes

and manage customers – quickly, easily, and effectively



Energie Steiermark powers and sustains the lives of its customers in Austria. It’s one of the largest electricity, natural gas, heat, and mobility providers. They focus on providing energy-efficient and innovative services for a reliable future. When it comes to energy production, the environmentally friendly company fully commits to renewable energy sources such as water, wind, solar energy, and biomass. 

The company aims to fulfill the increasing needs of its clients and enhance its customer relationships.

The Challenge

Adapting to new legal regulations & integrating sub-systems into one

Due to new legal operating requirements, Energie Steiermark had to separate grid operation from energy supply in individual (companies) entities. Additionally, the branches for electricity and gas had to be merged. This level of complexity had to be taken into account while dividing the existing Aurea CRM solution into standalone applications for grid operation and for energy supply.


The "Dachstein" project – the modern customer service automation solution

Energie Steiermark chose Qualysoft as a strategic partner to provide a comprehensive solution that consolidates customer information in one central repository. It’s powered by Aurea CRM, and it sustains all processes from billing to SMART metering.

The next component required was the digitalization and automation of document issuing, filing, and billing. For the digitalization and automation of document management, Qualysoft relied on INFINICA. Benefiting from the communications management solution, all sales support materials from offers to contract templates are processed in an automatic, standardized, and paperless form, aligned with CRM data.

The last important component was the two portals (one for the grid operator and one for the energy supplier). All comprehensive information is now available for each customer at a glance, and the customers are completely looked after, regardless of the services they use. The portal was beneficial for employees also, by having a comprehensive overall view of all services and contract data of their customers. ​​​​

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Main Benefits:


1. A solid centralized system

for all customer details and communication across all Energie Steiermark departments with permission levels. The single customer repository means better contacts and better relationship management. The company now has greater transparency and efficiency in its services, and the ability to improve customer service and customer loyalty. With deep customer relationships, the customers’ readiness to switch to a competitor is minimal.

2. A solution

that would easily integrate with other enterprise systems such as metering and billing systems, so that data items such as invoices populate automatically from their billing system into the CRM solution thus enhancing data integration and harmonization.

3. All the customer details easily accessible

in one place so the company can stay connected to them, streamline processes, and improve profitability.

4. The ticketing system

streamlined customer case management, and information can be passed along in a workflow manner. It empowers customers to solve issues on their own. The support agents have full visibility of any customer and the ability to proactively manage customer expectations by providing timely feedback.

5. A modern and flexible document composition

and output management loan approval workflow

6. The data quality

was improved in the course of the project by cleaning up duplicates.