Innovative Warehouse Management App

Qualysoft sustained Praktiker and Crafts Markets Magyarország Kft.

with a new innovative, efficient, and reliable Warehouse Management App


Client and context

Praktiker’s European chain of DIY stores was founded in Luxembourg, back in 1978. In Hungary, the first store was opened in Budapest in 1998. The business enjoyed sustained growth to 20 stores across the country, summing up to 1,600 employees.

In today‘s fast-paced digital world retailers need to keep up with their client’s ever-changing expectations. Shoppers expect retailers to have a clear situation for each product in store, current stock, and technical details. When items’ availability and other details are not clear or unavailable, sales are lost, and shoppers switch their retailer of choice.

The Challenge

Praktiker and Crafts Markets Magyarország Kft. were using an obsolete warehouse management system for many years.

These old systems didn’t incorporate new features like stock control management based on the color, type, or dimensions of the products. Given the fact that these limitations were slowing business growth, a decision to replace the warehouse management application emerged.

It was important that the new management system be robust and flexible, to save the time of warehouse workers and increase their efficiency. The new application needed to provide visibility to all data in real-time and seamlessly integrate with the ERP system.


Praktiker and Crafts Markets Magyarország Kft. chose Qualysoft as a strategic partner to develop a warehouse management application.


In this fast-moving world, there is a need for maximum results with minimum effort. Microsoft Power Apps - Canvas Apps powered Qualysoft to efficiently deploy a warehouse management application. Based on drag-and-drop elements on a blank canvas, Power Apps was the right tool for a new application with cutting-edge capabilities, ready to use. Building the canvas app was a smooth process, Qualysoft’s professionals optimized the process, the user experience, and the responsivity of the app

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Increased efficiency & simplification in inventory, optimized picking/packing of orders, and visibility into the organization‘s inventory at any time and location.


The new warehouse management application significantly helps our clients with the on-hand stocks and inventories. By tracking workflows at multiple levels, raising efficiencies, and maximizing asset utilization, the warehouse management app boosts operational effectiveness for the workforce and physical space. It makes the employees work smarter, faster, and more cost-effectively.