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Our approach in DevOps

DevOps is the field where the development and service delivery is unified by technological solutions and even more by the DevOps way of thinking.

Our goal is to cover all possible areas of DevOps, starting from source code repositories, through CI/CD pipelines to On-Premise, Cloud, or hybrid environments enhanced by containerisation and sophisticated orchestration. Automated environment creation and monitoring are also important components of our DevOps perspective.

With our services, we support both:

  • client-side requests – assessment, elaboration of recommended infrastructure, implementation and training
  • our Qualysoft teams – custom development projects that are delivered by us are enhanced with state-of-the-art DevOps practices and technologies

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The benefits of incorporated DevOps methodologies and solutions

Nowadays, there is no business without IT. System reliability, smooth software releases without errors and fast time to market cycles are of outmost importance.

State-of-the-art backend architectures make automated resource scaling possible, especially in Cloud environments (both public and private). To exploit their advantages, these systems involve numerous components that are beyond manual operations, deployment and maintenance. DevOps methodology and toolsets give a sound answer to all of these problems.

Ensuring the success of your business

DevOps Services

  • Seamless releases
  • Faster time to market
  • Fewer errors
  • Performance problem elimination and automated scalability
  • System and environment design according to the latest standards, both in case of new system implementations and legacy system refactoring projects

We keep your systems running

Our mission it to provide a full coverage of the software lifecycle to support exact needs.

  • Our DevOps experts can be involved right from the start of any development project – ensuring that the best possible toolset and environment type are selected and applied
  • During the development, we can set up the development ecosystem, including all infrastructure elements that make the work of the developer easier, more efficient and bug-free
  • We can do the design of the runtime ecosystem of any size and properly connect it to the development areas (like CI/CD pipes and repositories)


In the case of non-green field endeavors, we

  • assess the currently used systems and infrastructure;
  • provide a target architecture and a roadmap (both in regard of the infrastructure and application); and
  • implement improvements by bringing the provided services of the system to a new level.


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