Microsoft 365

Open all doors with one solution. With Office 365 you can have a suitable environment for your entire company. Collaborate better and faster, reach everything from anywhere, and this is just the beginning

Cloud-based services are the future, take part in it and let your company run itself

It provides many powerful tools and solutions, turning work into a convenient and pleasant experience. Employees can work from anywhere and from any device easily, while your company can profit from the protection, which is based on an unbelievably large system, and uses a large number of samples to protect it against even zero day threats. Keep files in the cloud to reach from anywhere and hide them from any unauthorised person or nature disasters.  Only pay for what you need. You can make a perfectly solid construction without any wastees cost.

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Experience the modern office with up-to-date programs

Work with the Latest Updates

Always use the best version of any Office tools. Avoid the security holes and use the latest features immediately after they are released to the public. Updates happen automatically, there is no need for IT involvement.


Microsoft 365 provides the toolset for the perfect teamwork: mails, chats, calls and cloud storage for employees to share files easily. Manage everything from Microsoft Teams. You can integrate the tools to keep everything in one place.

Less Paper

Digitalise your printed forms with Microsoft Forms. You can create pools and forms easily and quickly with Microsoft Forms, and you can follow the answers in real time. At the end you can export and share the results.

Power of Automation

The Microsoft Power Automate workflow engine makes it possible for your employees to automate recurring tasks and improve their effectiveness. Everyone can build a unique automated workflow using templates or starting blank for unique needs.


With the modern Microsoft Office toolset, you can continue your work from where you finished last using any device. If you want to, you can edit sheets, send mails, write documents using your phone or an Internet browser.

Project Management

Plan, create and track your projects using Microsoft Planner. This Kanban-based solution helps you to manage your projects as a group or as an individual. You can integrate Planner into Microsoft Teams and can synchronise your tasks with Microsoft To-do.

Mobility and Compliance

Whether using a Windows, Android, or iOS device, accessing your business data and statements anywhere, any time. With advanced, multi-level security features and full GDPR compliancy, you can securely store and manage your data, protecting it from unauthorised access.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 contains the basic Microsoft Office applications and their updates.
You can reach all the apps from any browser or device.
The Microsoft 365 collection of threat-protection technologies helps to protect against and provides visibility regarding spam, malware, viruses, phishing attempts, malicious links and other threats.
More people can edit documents at the same time to make the collaboration easier than ever.
Control almost everything using Teams. You can integrate it with different apps, chat with colleagues or external partners, work on files and organise meetings.

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