Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) is an intelligent mobility management and security platform. It helps to protect and secure your organisation and empowers your employees to work in new and flexible ways

The next level in IT

Nowadays, working remotely is not optional but required. This comes with a lot of challenging background tasks. The company has to buy and maintain expensive assets and make effort to build and support the required infrastructure. It must also deal with security to protect the company from intrusion and keep the data and hardware safe, which can be on the client-side. This can be challenging and expensive.

Microsoft has answered the modern needs with Enterprise Mobility + Security solution. It provides everything that is needed for safe remote working. The solution contains Active Directory, Multi-Factor Authentication, Azure Advanced Threat protection and more. With this solution, you can expand the safety of your company, with a countable price and minimal effort.

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Expand your security with EMS

Get greater protection, detection and response capabilities for your mobile workforce. EMS and its products increase the security features of Windows 10 and Microsoft 365, and extend them to your entire environment, including investments that are not supplied by Microsoft.

Azure Advanced Threat Protection

Azure Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is a cloud-based security solution that leverages your on-premises Active Directory signals to identify and detect, and investigate advanced threats, compromised identities and malicious insider actions directed at your organisation.

Microsoft Cloud App Security

Microsoft Cloud App Security is a multimode Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB). It provides wide visibility, control over data travel, and sophisticated analytics to identify and combat cyberthreats across all your cloud services.

Microsoft Intune

Simplify modern workplace management and achieve digital transformation with Microsoft Intune. Create the most productive Microsoft 365 environment for users to work on devices and apps they choose, while protecting data.

Azure Active Directory

The most trusted identity and access management solution in the market that helps you to safeguard user credentials and connect people securely to the apps they need.

Microsoft Secure Score

By following the Secure Score recommendations, you can protect your organisation from threats. From a centralised dashboard in the Microsoft 365 security centre, organisations can monitor and work on the security of their Microsoft 365 identities, data, apps, devices and infrastructure.

Mobility and Compliance

Whether using a Windows, Android, or iOS device, accessing your business data and statements anywhere and anytime. With advanced, multi-level security features and full GDPR compliancy, you can securely store and manage your data, protecting it from unauthorised access.

Microsoft 365 is the world’s productivity cloud

Take your company to the next level with Microsoft 365, the leader in cloud-based productivity. Discover the benefits of an integrated cloud platform that delivers industry-leading productivity apps like Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, along with intelligent cloud services and world-class security.

EMS delivers a complete solution to keep your data and device safe, no matter where the assets or data are located.
With single sign-on, employees can access all their registered applications with a single identity. Ultimately, this simplifies identity management and enhances employee productivity.
EMS is integrated with more than 2500 of the leading SaaS applications. This means, companies can provide more customised application packages to their users, all with single sign-on enabled.
With EMS, the cost of infrastructure decreases as all data are shifted to the cloud. IT departments will no longer have to worry about micromanaging users.

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