Adito CRM

A CRM system that scores with industry know-how and perfectly covers the needs of small and medium-sized companies

A solution that can be introduced swiftly, adapts perfectly to your company and can be easily developed with growing requirements:

As a modern and interconnected platform, ADITO is the central hub in the company. A CRM system that scores with industry know-how and also perfectly covers the needs of small and medium-sized companies.

  • Create overview and transparency across departments at any time
  • Realise and develop your sales potential through personalised dashboards and clear evaluations
  • Increase your efficiency by 20% through more transparency, collaboration options and intuitive workflows
  • Optimise the customer experience with the help of automated recommendations and system-supported processes

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A central customer information hub for your company

ADITO CRM built for the future

The ADITO platform supports you in day-to-day business and connects seamlessly with all your interfaces. You can integrate any existing third-party systems and databases, or develop your own applications based on the modern development platform. This allows you to optimally map your entire business processes in one central location.

Your Personalised Surface

The customisable dashboard shows you all the important information at a glance. Decide for yourself which dashlets you want to see, and which tasks, key figures or activities appear on your overview. In the Dashlet store, you can choose from a variety of pre-made Dashlets and generate new ones.

Customers Value Unique Relationships

With ADITO you get all customer information at a glance - comprehensible, complete and central. In contact management you can link all interactions with products and pass on work directly to your team.

Overview of All Interactions

Get a 360-degree view of all interactions with companies and individuals. You can see which campaigns or projects they are involved in and which contracts, offers, contacts or activities have been processed.

All Data at Hand

Stay up-to-date anywhere at any time and across all devices. Access important data via the app while on the go and always keep an eye on current developments. Coordinate tasks and appointments fast and easily.

Achieve more Together

Optimise the flow of information and bring your teams closer together across the company. Communicate quickly and directly via chat, stay up-to-date with notifications and access valuable knowledge in your company at any time.

Easy Management of Permissions and Properties

With a few simple clicks, the administrator can adjust properties and keywords, and restrict access to views, data and actions. With the comprehensive authorisation logic, you decide individually which roles each employee needs.

ADITO benefits for your areas of application

We offer a platform for marketing, sales and service that can be expanded individually and flexibly at any time, and significantly increases the success of your company. Learn more about how they identify and address your target group in order to ultimately win them over and retain them as customers.

All information about customers or other reference groups at a glance: all interactions are tracked and linked to products and services.
Target group selection, campaign planning and key figures for measuring success with the functions: multi-level campaign management, simple selection, email marketing and individual evaluations.
Overview of upcoming projects to better utilise opportunities with the functions: opportunity management, transparent contact management, order and offer management, evaluation and planning.
Increasing customer satisfaction and the professionalisation of the support department with the functions: complaint management, support cockpit, telephone integration, product management and much more.
Standardisation, centralisation and simplification of processes with the functions: administration of supplier conditions, order management, connection to central purchasing platforms and much more.

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