Creatio Marketing

Multichannel marketing platform for orchestrating customer journeys and to accelerate lead-to-revenue



Streamline personalized communication across all channels and optimize customer retention and lead generation.

  • Build all-round knowledge about your customers:

Use customer-related data from all touchpoints to develop a holistic view of your customers' preferences and needs. Use a 360 customer view to build more targeted communication with customers.

  • Customer segmentation:

Apply no-code tools to create segmented audiences based on various socio-demographic and behavioral data. Ensure targeted communication with customers and develop effective marketing campaigns for each segment.

  • Manage complex multi-channel marketing campaigns:

Take advantage of holistic multichannel marketing software based on out-of-the-box best practices to drive demand. Reach your audience with the most relevant message at the right time on the right channel.

  • Increase your lead generation and conversion rates:

Manage an end-to-end lead cycle from capture and scoring to qualification and handover. Align your sales and marketing teams with a seamless lead-to-revenue process through the unified Creatio platform.







More than an email marketing tool

Empower your email marketers

Create highly personalized messages, use split testing to select the most effective emails, and launch massive bulk email campaigns in a few clicks. Get endless communication possibilities, accompany your customer at every step of the customer journey and offer your customer a first-class experience.

Website Tracking

Track a visitor's journey on your websites and landing pages to learn all about your customers' likes and needs.

Productivity Tools

Organize your workflows for better results. Manage your tasks and meetings, design communication with customers and colleagues, provide comprehensive information about services with the Creatio knowledge base.

Marketing Resource Management

Manage your marketing activities across all channels, create budget plans and track their implementation, estimate and improve the ROI of campaign results.

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