Creatio Studio

Leverage low-code technology to provide non-IT employees with the ability to build apps and processes they need

Creating business processes of any complexity is as easy as playing with LEGO: everyone is a developer with Creatio Studio.

Move elements, engage peers, comment on actions and manage all processes in a single environment – you build custom solutions using low-code technologies effortlessly with Creatio Studio. Through powerful and flexible low-code tools even users without deep technical knowledge can build new apps and make changes to existing ones. This includes building user interfaces and business logic, defining data models and setting up machine learning models for better decision-making.

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All-in-one solution for your ERP needs

Easy Integration

Use the extensive integration capabilities of Creatio Studio - .Net tools, REST, SOAP, OData, open API – as well as sophisticated tools for identity and access control, the company’s organisation structure management, to allow for the swift integration of Creatio into the ecosystem of any organisation.

Accelerate Process Design

Design process diagrams using simple visual tools, store them in a convenient process library and manage all the processes in the unified environment.

Standardise Process Management

Take advantage of the robust process designer that leverages BPMN 2.0 standard, which enables both business and IT to easily understand and work with process models. Export process diagrams to and import from other BPM systems with *BPMN support.

Design Processes Together with Your Team

Collaborate on process design with your team: involve colleagues, share links to processes for remote viewing and commenting, edit processes together in real-time.

Fexible Management

Flexibly manage structured and unstructured processes and speed up the automation of any business process with Creatio’s no-code tools for process modelling, execution and monitoring.

Processes of any Complexity

Design structured business processes of any complexity: take advantage of a robust no-code editor for BPMN processes. As you model a process flow in the process designer, Creatio automatically generates the corresponding business logic.

Best Practice Processes

Employ out-of-the-box processes and ready-to-use configurable business process templates in the Creatio Marketplace. The platform provides hundreds of templates to jumpstart implementation, expand app capabilities and adjust the platform according to your needs.

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