Powerful AI for your global customer care

Automatically understand the meaning, context and intent of your customers' requests and deliver them to the system of your choice

DEEPSEARCH is the leading technology for Natural Language Understanding and automates your customer care. With unique technology that works for all communication channels based on one language-agnostic model, all relevant information is extracted from unstructured customer requests via email, phone, IVR, chatbot, text documents, fax or social media. With this, fully automated business processes can be put in place with automation rates of up to 100%. For direct channels like phone or live chat, agents are assisted in real-time by DEEP.assist.

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An all-in-one solution tailored to your ERP needs

Unparalleled Accuracy Provided by DEEPSEARCH

DEEPSEARCH AI understands up to 100% of customers' requests, independent from the channel and the complexity. The solution integrates seamlessly with all existing systems that are already in place. Therefore, you can reduce the total cost of all customer interaction in your organisation by 30%-50%.

Agent Augmentation

Besides automating a variety of communication channels, we have unique skills in augmenting call center agents in even the most complex live call situations.

Email Content Automation

DEEPSEARCH understands the content of emails and their attachments, even complex mails with multiple intents. Relevant information gets extracted for downstream process automation.

Intelligent FAQ

Direct your customers to the proper articles in your knowledge database. Unlike simple keyword-based search, DEEPSEARCH understands the real meaning of a question and delivers accurate answers.


Make your chat- and videobots understand even vague problem statements rather than short commands. Your customers will experience meaningful conversations.

Social Media and Messenger

Give automated answers to questions on social media channels, or get informed immediately if customer messages get problematic.

Document Analysis

DEEPSEARCH technology also works for your office documents. Screen text for specific content, or get important data extracted automatically.

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