Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Dynamics 365 Marketing is an automated application, aims to provide all the tools SMBs need to execute successful marketing campaigns across several channels

Integrated Marketing module

In Dynamics 365 Marketing you are able to create and distribute marketing communication to customers and prospects, while being tightly integrated with other branches of the Dynamics CRM system, for example sales and customer support. All these apps share the same “brain,” meaning they are always in sync and up-to-date, and as a result the sales and marketing arms of your business can collaborate more effectively.

You can store all your important data in one place and be guided by a fully customised Business Process Flow. In the Dynamics 365 Marketing module you are able to create visually pleasing and colourful contents.

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Benefits of the Marketing solution

  • Dynamics 365 Portals
    The Marketing app can use Dynamics 365 Portals to publish its event website, marketing pages and online surveys. This platform is also available for those users, who do not have CRM licenses.
  • Event management
    Organise and promote in-person or webinar events, linked with the online portal where users can review the event schedule and speakers, and register their attendance.
  • Dynamics 365 Connector for LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms
    Import leads generated with LinkedIn's lead tools into Dynamics 365 makes your flow quicker and easier.
  • Automatic follow-ups
    By linking sales and marketing process, you can automate follow-ups and track the development of those interested. Set up automated lead scoring rules that automatically identify the most promising leads based on events and customer path interactions.

We customise and keep your systems running

We take care of launching your CRM system swiftly and integrating it seamlessly into your system landscape. Subsequently, we will extend your CRM solution.

Facilitating user work is the most important task of a CRM system.
Our goal is to implement a customised system that includes all the processes you need, thus ensuring a return on investment for the entire company.

In order to keep evolving needs up-to-date, processes need to be constantly optimised and new requirements implemented fast. That’s why we help our customers with both content and technology after the deployment date, and work with you to continuously improve the system.

In order for the users to be the heart of the marketing system and to use all the operations and processes we have developed for the optimal effect; we also support our partners with courses and educational materials.

Ensuring the success of your business

We will not let go of your hand

We help you with opportunities from identification, system implementation and support, to importing expanding new needs into the system to help your company achieve growth, efficiency or quality goals and provide the best possible CRM solution.

Each evaluation project begins with a workshop to define the CRM strategy. During the subsequent selection process, together with the client, we will set all the technical and IT requirements related to the CRM system. We show you the best ways to map sales, service and marketing processes within your CRM solution. Based on the defined requirements, we will evaluate potential suppliers and leading solutions available in the market.


Webinars are another excellent way to generate leads through content marketing. Dynamics 365 Marketing also allows you to arrange, manage and deliver webinars by integrating with third-party webinar platforms.

Lead Management

Customisable lead dashboards help marketers get an overview of lead health based on parameters including lead age, interactions and pipeline progression.

Marketing Insights

Dynamics 365 Marketing features rich analytical tools to collect and scrutinise data and offer actionable insights.

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