Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Follow up your sales process with our customised Dynamics 365 Sales

Dynamics 365 Sales – an integrated sales module

Dynamics 365 Sales enables your organisation to manage the sales lifecycle process from the beginning to the end. By following guided business processes, it is easy to find out what are the next steps to close deals faster. This takes the salesperson step by step from Lead to Order and helps tracking the Accounts and Contacts.

We can customise these business processes according to your organisation's needs. Our consultants measure your unique claims and customise the system for your needs. We can link the application with other products such as Outlook, MS Teams, SharePoint etc., which makes it easier to get going more quickly.

  • You can use SharePoint sites to view and store files like presentations or notes in the context of a record, such as an Opportunity, and anyone working on the Opportunity can view it
  • You can use Excel and prebuilt templates to do quick analysis without leaving Dynamics 365 Sales
  • You can open sales data in Excel, make changes, and save the changes back to Dynamics 365 Sales - all without switching between applications

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Benefits For Salespeople

  • You have access to the necessary information anytime, because they are available on any device: desktop, phone or tablet
  • You can find all activities in one central place such as appointments, phone calls and so on; anybody in the sales team can have the information they need about the customer
  • The Relationship Assistant keeps you updated by sending you reminders before the appointments, calls and when an opportunity to close soon. It helps the sales team to always be updated with the latest information about your partner
  • The system monitors results and gives you feedback in real-time

Ensuring the success of your business

Increase the success of your company by supporting our Sales system

  • All necessary information is available in one place
  • A business process flow guides you throughout the procedure so that you do not miss any key steps
  • You can set call and email reminders to always be up-to-date
  • Speed up the process with automatic notifications
  • Additional Microsoft features are integrated into the system so you have to leave your workflow less frequently

We customise your system according to your needs

Since every business is unique, every account needs a unique system. With the help of our consultants, your sales process can be customised according to your needs. Your application could have a uniquely developed data structure. In any area of ​​the system, Power Automate (formerly known as Microsoft Flows) can be implemented as a solution for tasks.


- We assess the unique needs of your organisation in the sales process

- We can customise the processes, fields, the modules and we can match the process with other apps

- We provide external users and partners with access to the application through a portal interface, even from a mobile device

- We present the system with all the features to you and your users

Migrate templates

The system has out of the box templates for each module, to make data imports or exports into Excel easier. D365 CRM system is compatible with other O365 products and you can switch between them without leaving the CRM.

Automatic notifications

We can create follow-ups for you to always be prepared on time. It reminds you automatically before you are to take a new step in the process. The system can send automatic emails to groups or individuals whenever an event is justified.

Transparent data

The CRM system analyses your data and shows you the transparent dashboards. It shows you how many offers, opportunities generated from the leads.

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