Creatio Tech-News in April 2021

Efficient technical assistance and support with Service Creatio

One of our customers approached us and asked us for help in increasing the efficiency of their internal help desk processes. The company wanted to establish a central system to easily access information such as employee roles, dedicated devices, and contact information.


Previously, the customer had to incorporate various systems in order to find the information they needed. This resulted in additional time spent processing employee inquiries.

Our goal was to help customers optimize their internal processes using the Service Creatio Lean methodology. We used the Creatio tools for incident and service request management to give customers the ability to effectively manage the entire ticket lifecycle - a way to present a 360-degree view for every employee. Thanks to the self-service portal functionality and e-mail integration, both the help desk team and end users were able to open new requests quickly and easily.

The customer began by collecting and creating a base of frequently asked questions and corrections for known errors and storing information in the Creatio Knowledge Base. This helped to reduce the number of tickets opened, as all employees were granted access to this information via the self-service portal functionality.

Author: Jelena Nikcevic, CRM Consultant, Qualysoft Serbia