Empower Sales Teams With Sales Intelligence for Customer Relations & Revenue Boost

Empowering sales teams with sales intelligence to enhance customer relations and boost revenue


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales empowers you to build solid customer relations, leverage data-driven insights to drive business strategy, and close more deals. It facilitates real-time tracking of accounts and contacts, streamlines sales processes from lead to order, and facilitates the creation of sales documents. Additionally, you can generate comprehensive marketing campaigns and track service cases associated with specific accounts.


Why Dynamics 365 Sales? 

1. Win new customers through collaborative teamwork

Foster hybrid selling connections – Master team collaboration and attract new customers - Seamlessly link sellers with clients through their preferred communication channels using Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 Sales.

Make better use of your experts - Involve experts from the organization in real-time and equipped with the necessary context for quick implementation.

Ensure productivity from any location - Access information and execute tasks remotely through a native mobile application.

2. Accelerate revenue with AI

Replace subjective decisions with data-driven insights - Optimize sales cycles by following suggested next best actions, prioritizing high-impact activities with the greatest likelihood of closing deals.

Take action immediately - Initiate recommended agile actions directly from the dashboard.

Receive alerts on deal risks - Stay informed on stagnant or endangered deals to enhance the closing rate.

Enhance account relationships - Obtain recommendations to strengthen at-risk account relationships.

3.  Predict and manage pipelines with confidence

Enhance sales cycle visibility – Benefit from automatic insights to evaluate individual and collective pipelines for precise forecasting.

Identify strengths and weaknesses - Anticipate revenue fluctuations and highlight your interests across the sales funnel.

Prioritize high-impact activities - Minimize reporting time by using out-of-the-box reports to highlight exceptions.


4. Improve customer conversations through real-time coaching

Enable guided selling with real-time insights - Provide sellers with instant, in-the-moment insights about consumer emotional/rational processes, competitive landscapes,  and priorities during phone calls.

Quickly onboard new sellers - Enable new sellers to learn from previous sellers' actions and feedback during sales calls to drive success.

Streamline best practice implementation through a unified collaboration platform - Utilize Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, and Dynamics 365 Sales together to make it easy for everyone to benefit from shared best practices.

Dynamics 365 Sales - The Right Fit Capabilities for Your Particular Business


  1. Dynamics 365 Sales Premium AI-driven features continuously analyze the customer-interaction data stored in your D365 Sales and M365 databases. This helps you to better understand your business relationships, evaluate your activities in relation to previous successes, and choose the best path forward.
  2. With Sales Enterprise, your sales organization can automate the sales process from lead to cash, run marketing campaigns, enforce best practices, collaborate with customers, and much more. The following capabilities are available in Sales Enterprise.
  3. Microsoft Relationship Sales solution combines LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise or Sales Premium, to empower sellers to have more personalized and valuable interaction with customers.
  4. The Sales Professional app is similar to the Sales Hub app, but the entities included in the Sales Professional app are a subset of the entities included in the Sales Enterprise.


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