Qualysoft is ACT Framework-Partner

Network for Continuous Testing for Enterprises

Qualysoft is partner of the ACT framework. The network aims to close the gap between procedural models such as SAFe or LESS with special regard to continuous testing. Based on the experience of the cooperating companies, guidelines for successful quality management are created.

Implementing continuous testing in your company can be a complex, multi-layered process. The ACT Framework was founded to answer the great demand for standardization and scalability in this area. Qualysoft has many years of experience in the area of methodological advice for test automation and is pleased to be able to make a contribution. In the future, our experts will actively work on the ACT Framework and develop content.


About the ACT framework

With the help of the ACT framework, a continuous test program can be implemented in the company that improves collaboration, shortens development cycles and improves overall product quality. The coordination of people, activities, processes and technology implementation are defined on three different levels: team, program and company.

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