Qualysoft at ANIS International Summit 2024

Shaping the Future of the IT Industry


May 8, JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel, Romania


Last week, our colleagues from Qualysoft attended the ANIS International Summit 2024. The event brought together over 30 local and international experts from both the private and public sectors. The agenda was packed with trending topics such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, innovation, education, and the future of work, making it a leading event in the IT industry.


Opening of the Summit

The summit began with a warm welcome from Corina Vasile, the Executive Director of ANIS Romania, followed by an insightful opening speech by Bogdan Ivan, the Minister of Research, Innovation and Digitalization. The structure of the summit included four main panels, each designed to dig deep into important areas affecting the IT landscape nowadays:


1. Cybersecurity Panel - Our colleague, Radu Postolache, ANIS Board Member, facilitated and guided the Cybersecurity Panel titled - "How to stay safe in today’s digital environment." With cyber threats growing larger by the day, this panel revealed strategies to enhance digital safety. This discussion emphasized a proactive strategy and highlited the importance of education and a balanced regulatory framework to secure our digital future.


Key takeaways

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2. AI Panel - Moderated by Edward Crețescu, ANIS President, this session focused on strategies and regulations in the EU and Transatlantic Region, discussing the delicate balance of fostering innovation while ensuring privacy and security.


Key Insights

The AI panel discussion at the summit focused on developing strategies and regulations to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) for the benefit of society and the economy. 

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3. Innovation Panel - Radu Puchiu, Technology & Society Program Director at Aspen Institute, steered this panel on how to effectively finance and guide innovation within the EU.



The Innovation Panel emphasized the importance of strategic investment in technology and education, along with the need for a regulatory environment that supports growth and innovation in the IT sector.

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4. Education & Work Panel Discussion - This session, moderated by Radu Burnete of Concordia Employers' Confederation, explored how education systems can be adapted to meet the demands of tomorrow's job market. The Education & Work Panel at the summit provided thoughtful perspectives on preparing for the shifting dynamics of work and technology.


Key takeaways

These insights highlight the importance of a forward-thinking, inclusive approach to education that prepares individuals not just for the jobs of today but for adapting to the technological landscapes of the future.

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The ANIS Awards Gala 2024

The ANIS Awards Gala 2024 concluded the summit with a grand celebration, honoring the best-performing IT companies and their groundbreaking projects from the past year. The competition was high, with 85 exceptional entries raising the bar in terms of innovation and making the selection process challenging for the jury.

Winners of the IT Industry Excellence Awards 2024

Congratulations to all the winners who have set new benchmarks in the IT industry:

🏆Education Program of the Year: Brio.ro, Kinderpedia, LIVRESQ and Magic School with A.E.R - Alliance for Remedial Education

🏆ESG Program of the Year: Societe Generale Global Solution Center Romania - "ESG PRACTICE"

🏆Innovation of the Year: dotLumen - Empowering the Blind with "Spatial Navigation AI through Glasses for the Blind"

🏆StartUp of the Year: Bonapp.eco

🏆R&D Program of the Year: .lumen with "Spatial Navigation AI through Glasses for the Blind"

🏆Software Outsourcing Project of the Year: Qualysoft with "Indonesia Digital Tax Administration System"

🏆Software Product of the Year: Adobe Romania with "Adobe Express"


For sustained involvement in the ANIS activity throughout the year, the following companies and contributions were also rewarded:
🥇Company of the Year: AROBS TransilvaniaSoftware
🥇Member of the Year: SeedBlink
🥇Best Personal Contribution: Madalin Staniu - Black Bullet

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Congratulations to the winners and standing ovations to all the participants for raising the bar and the industry standards.

We look forward to seeing what groundbreaking projects and developments the next year brings.