Qualysoft orients business decisions on social values and ethical principles for employees, customers and partners to create a future-oriented environment.

In the art and culture section we are actively working for years together with renowned partners such as the Collegium Hungaricum and the Slovak Cultural Institute and organize exhibitions for emerging artists. The cooperation with the Austrian Journalists Congress is also very important to us.

As part of corporate social responsibility for many years we have supported the Austrian Red Cross and have already successfully completed several projects together. Since 2015, the Austrian Children's Cancer Aid is one of our cooperation partners. The promotion of sport - and here in particular the youth sports - is an important concern for Qualysoft.

Austrian Red Cross

Since the end of 2011, the company has been supporting the fleet of ambulances operated bythe Austrian Red Cross.

Art Sponsoring

Qualysoft has cooperations with artists, galleries, and public institutions for many years now.

Qualysoft Exhibitions

Qualysoft has been regularly organizing major exhibitions with international artists since as far back as 2006.

Journalists Congress

The cooperation with the Journalists Congress and the Medienlöwinnen Gala is a further step to promote women of all ages in Austria.

Sports Sponsoring

Sports promotion, especially in youth sports is an important part of the activities of Qualysoft.

Educational Cooperations

Students have the opportunity to do internships at Qualysoft.